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jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011


ANEXO PARA EL PROYECTO DE CIENCIAS 2 Y 3 DIUNI Investigate the necessary components and operation of the elements that are used in transformation of solar energy technology to produce electricity and thermal energy. Build a flowchart of the transformation of photon of light and/or ultraviolet radiation up to electrons. Investigate and note the physical meaning of efficiency, electric power, KW HR. Indicate the locations of the Mexican Republic on a map, where this technology is applied. Investigate and write down the concept of clean energy. Build a comparative table between electric energy production vs solar energy, taking into account: their origin of production, cost, waste produced in the environment, their prospects in the short, medium and long term, its profitability and its sustainable development. Investigate the economic cost of a set of solar panels you need for a surface area of 100 m2, the amount of electricity which is expected to be produced, the maintenance required for the proper functioning of the equipment and the training required for their installation and daily use. PARA ENTREGAR EL 28 DE ENERO DE 2012. SALUDOS HUGO Y YOLA

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